Damage to the house has been analysed. Actions started to help the villages. Still aftershocks measured in Kathmandu.

The dust from the Earthquake has settled literally and figuratively. But this doesn't mean things are back to normal yet. The damage to the orphanage is now being analysed by engineers. although the house itself suffered little to no damage, there are a few cracks in the floor and in the walls on the ground floor. For now, everybody sleeps in the cottage out of safety.

In the meantime a lot of messages are coming form the birth villages of the FCWC staff. The damage there is much greater than in Kathmandu. Krishna has now set up a relief effort to help the victims there. We have supported this relief effort financially and we are planning to start a long-term effort to rebuild the damaged villages.

We have also supported our partner organisation Himalayn Projects with a relief project of their own. They have arranged for a Belgian doctor and a nurse to come to Nepal to help the isolated but heavily damaged villages. They will provide the victims with basic amenities such as water, clothing, blankets, and medication. So far, the effort has been a huge success.

We will keep you updates as much as possible, so please check our website regularly!






Nepal has been hit by an Earthquake. Everyone in the FCWC is safe!

As everyone has probably heard, Nepal was hit by an Earthquake on Saturday April 25, 2015. From the first messages and updates we received, everyone in the FCWC is safe and there is no damage to the house. Currently everyone is sleeping outside as they are afraid to go back inside. Although this is great news, we must remain vigilant as powerful aftershocks are still possible. In addition, living conditions will be very hard the next couple of weeks and months.

For these reasons we invite everyone to donate, not only for the FCWC but also for the many other homes and projects we support or are related to and who were not as fortunate as we were. You can donate through IBAN: BE22 8900 2430 9847 (BIC: VDSPBE91).

If you are a Belgian donater, you can receive a fiscal certificate. To do this, you need to donate to our partner npo Himalayan Projects through IBAN: BE14 3800 1081 6783 (BIC: BBRUBEBB) and mention your gift is intended for the FCWC.

We will keep everyone updated through this website and through our facebook page, so please come back to check for updates regularly.

Thank you very much for your help!